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KUWAIT: The Kuwait’s National Assembly will hold ordinary sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday to examine tabled items, most notable of which is second deliberation vote on draft law establishing town-construction companies on state-owned land plots.

The session commences with a vote on MP recommendations submitted during 21 December special session, followed by a discussion of Audit Bureau report reviewing government budgets and final accounts. The session will then move on to a succession of votes on parliamentary committee draft laws including establishing town development companies, forming a share-holding agricultural company, amendments on Amiri order relating to social security law, and law regarding illegal acquisition of interest revenues by banks subject to Central Bank of Kuwait.

Further on the session’s agenda are two draft laws regarding funding citizen’s loans or eliminating interests on these loans, amending law relating to turning Kuwait Airways into a share-holding company, and discussions on electoral process laws.

Reports on approving Kuwait joining Nairobi Treaty on removing wreckage, substituting the word “domestic worker” with the word servant in related laws, and amendments on the penal code, are also slated to be discussed. More on the schedule are requests of forming interim committees, public funds protection committee reports, and a host of government-submitted documents. – KUNA